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Below are some of the unsolicited thank you notes and emails I've received.

I guarantee that these are real responses from real brides, grooms, and same sex couples whose ceremonies I wrote, PERFORMED, and officiated.

You are amazing at your job. The wedding was perfect. Perfect. You were calm and adaptable. The ceremony was thoughtful, deep, reflective--perfect.

My dad is a very smart man---who---doesn't love weddings because he often finds them unimaginative and boring. He loved ours. He said it was the best ceremony he has ever seen/witnessed. And--he was only one of many who said the ceremony was amazing. Todd and I agree. We loved every minute of it---I have been replaying the whole ceremony in my head---for the past few days---and sometimes I smile---and other times I get misty-eyed.

Thank you for making our wedding vows and ceremony our favorite memory of the wedding. (And we had a gret time the entire wedding.) But you made our wedding perfect.

Please let me know if you would like us to write a testimonial for your website---we would be honored.

I am so glad my sister found you---you are LOVELY.
Thank you!

Todd and Ali

Dear Virginia,

Mark and I wanted to thank you again for helping us create the most wonderful wedding ceremony! We started with a blank page and you helped guide us to select a perfect assortment of meaningful words accompanied by your wonderful introduction and closing comments.

We appreciate the time you spent getting to know us through meetings, emails and the couples interview which we completed separately. We both feel that you understood us completely and it came through with a perfect ceremony on April 29th.

I also wanted to mention that at the reception (and still now) almost every guest has told us how he or she loved the ceremony! One husband admitted to me after the ceremony that he doesn't enjoy weddings, but was very touched by the inclusion of the children. He was raised by a stepfather, and shed a tear during that part. Another friend of mine asked where we found you. She wished that she could get married again with the thought and care you put into our ceremony. In fact, when I look back at the pictures, there were quite a few others wiping their eyes, holding hands and smiling. You created and executed a ceremony that not only touched us, but all of our friends and family who attended.

Thank you for helping us make our wedding day very

Donna & Mark


Thank you so much for conceiving of and performing our ceremony. So many people said they had been truly moved by being there and that it was so genuine. You really were quite masterful at capturing the essence of what we wanted to share with each other and our larger community of family and friends.

I hope you find this folder from India helpful in your work to help many other people create meaningful moments in their lives. You truly helped us create the most important moment in ours.

Charlotte & Amita