About Virginia Moore



As we journey through our lives we come to many crossroads, and we pass many milestones. It is at these places that ceremony helps us to transition to the next stage of life with a deeper connection to what we believe is meaningful and real.

As a celebrant I am dedicated to helping you have your values represented in your ceremony. Whether you feel you are spiritual, religious, or a humanist with an appreciation for our earth, I can help you create a ceremony that will emphasize whatever is most important to you.

Your ceremony should reflect your innermost self, your heart, your soul and your values. I create and perform beautiful ceremonies that are unique and personalized. It is my job to listen to you and to help you create a ceremony that will be meaningful and memorable for you and your guests. I am comfortable with religious, secular, interfaith or pagan ceremonies. I help you find the readings, rituals and vows to help you create a ceremony you will remember for years to come.